On 21 April 2017, University Sultan Zainal Abidin Gong Badak, Kuala Terengganu hosted a great event called Thaalam 3.0 is an annual Indian Cultural Night organised by Persatuan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian India Unisza with shows spectacular and extravagant event of Indian Culture in various forms ( dance, music, food and attire ) at Dewan Perdana, Unisza Gong Badak campus.

Guest of honour : YBhg Datuk Seri R.S Thanenthiran, President Of Malaysia Makkal Sakti Sakti Party. Together attended with President, National Committee members of Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party.

Speech by YBhg Datuk Seri R.S Thanenthiran: To begin with, I would like to thank the organizer of the Thalaam 3.0 MALARUM NANAIVIGAL (A Charity Event For Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation) for inviting me to address few words here.

During his speech at the Indian Cultural Night, Datuk Seri R.S Thanenthiran said, we Indians “Born To Win” which resolves the mystery behind taking immediate charge of life and produce exceptional results and turn your dreams into concrete reality. This will transforms your thoughts to develop high levels of Positive Attitude and Self-confidence. You will be amazed at how much control you actually have over your own thoughts, behaviors and mental resources. You will be bursting with passion with a laser sharp focus to match.

In addition, Datuk Seri R.S Thanenthiran also contributed RM 3,000.00 for this Thalaam 3.0 MALARUM NANAIVIGAL (A Charity Event For Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation).
Lastly, Datuk Seri R.S Thanenthiran congratulate Unisza students for its relentless efforts in organizing this successful event and the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.