KEDAH: 30 April 2017, Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party Kedah youth held a mountain climbing program at Mount Jerai, Kedah.

Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party president Datuk Seri R.S Thanenthiran participated in Kedah Health Program, climbing Jerai Mount. The program is organized especially for young people with the aim of alerting young people to the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encourage young people to practice such activities in everyday life to ensure the health and produce young people who are active and intelligent.

The program also helps young people to form a cohesive identity and stressed the importance of teamwork and perseverance bore the nature of the challenges and barriers to success.

A total of 112 young people from the area of Kedah has joined together Datuk Seri R.S Thanenthiran and the success of the expedition challenge 12km up to the highest of the mountain.