Malaysian Makkal Sakti Party unveiled new talents among school students to represent the country at some point in time. The SJKT Saraswathy management has made hockey sports a major sport and a desired to have a new hockey field for students.

Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil Saraswathy Kedah the recipient of the recent hockey field project. The new hockey field has been successfully completed as a result of contributions and efforts from Datuk Seri R.S. Thanenthiran – President of Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party.

MMSP Party President Y.Bhg Datuk Seri RS Thanenthiran has approved an allocation of fund and completed the hockey field project which acts as a great professional ground for our young players. This is a visionary project done by President Y.Bhg Datuk Seri RS Thanenthiran which carry a vision to cultivate young players and develop them into future nation players.

Therefore, the management has decided to name after President Name after the new field.

The new hockey field has become a history with the development of hockey sports in SJKT Saraswathy and Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party has produced positive results over the long term.

With this hockey field, SJKT Saraswathy able to organize school-level hockey competitions and training facilities for students.

It is a fact that Datuk Seri has made this hockey field become a goal and the school is very concerned about good service of Datuk Seri RS Thanenthiran.