TELUK INTAN: 05 July 2017, The Leadership Program enables people and leaders to gather in the pursuit of a leader’s approach with the people.

“The program, jointly organized by MMSP Teluk Intan, is an inspirational idea of the President of Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party, towards the realization of the objective,” said by Mr. S.Sutager – MMSP National Secretary.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sutager, also said that the people are a family institution that forms a developed nation and harmony and unity are important in the formation of a family institution.

“Such programs are of great value in the effort to create a balanced, physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social personality,” said President of MMSP.

He added, the people in Teluk Intan should always be sensitive to their environment and monitor any unhealthy movements especially in the issue of the presence of those who disrupt racial harmony.