ALOR SETAR: 27th July 2017, SJKT Barathi, Alor Setar collaboration with Kedah state Schools organized UPSR Technique for Answering Paper & Motivational Workshop for year six students.

A total of 100 students, teachers, and two motivational professors have participated in this program. The cost of the program is fully funded by the Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party.

The purpose of the program is an early exposure to all UPSR candidates on the technique for answering exam papers and encouraging enthusiasm to be more focused. This program is conducted two motivational specialists by Mr. M.Ganesan and Mr. S.Kannan.

The objective is to identify and overcome the weakness of the students in answering questions to nurture and cultivate the spirit of identity in the student. The physical and mental resilience of the students as well as inculcate an attitude of self-reliance and create the spirit of cooperation, tolerance and student’s moral.

As a guest of this program, Mr. OG.Shanmugam (MMSP Kedah state Leader) has been officiated the program. Also present Mr. Logendhiren (MMSP Penang Youth Leader), Mr. Thivagar (MMSP Kedah Youth Leader) and Kirtthana.