BRICKFIELDS: 29th July 2017, Datuk Seri R.S. Thanenthiran, has donated RM 2,000 to Mr. N.A. Sengkuttuvan, the famous Tamil writer in Malaysia.

During an appreciation speech in conjunction with the Book Launching of the famous Tamil Writer N. A. Sengkuttuvan titled, President of the Makkal Sakti Malaysia has stated that he is proud of MMSP who has been able to produce more than 25 Tamil authors at international level.

“We have done in order to walk the talk and make the world and the Malaysian Indians know who the Tamil writers are and their strength. This is not the end but it is the starting of the new era for the Tamil writers to be known and applauded for their persistency in making the Tamil language loved by others here.”

“He added that the History of Indians in Malaysia is something that should be the pride and identity of the community and should not be exchanged or processed by any arbitrary party.”

“We have been a group of laborers brought by colonials a long time ago, but we are no longer the group, and even the transformation of economics and knowledge has transformed the Indian community into a contributing force to the independence and the establishment of Malaysia.”

Now the Indian people in Malaysia are loyal to the King and the nation, in line with the slogan of Malaysia’s Negaraku Independence.