A Malaysian student has made the country proud when she attended the International Model United Nations conference. Out of 96 delegates whom she met in the United States, 4 days of a heated debate with the best delegates around the world, Prevena Ramakhrishnan won the title of the most improved delegate award and builders of the Universe award.

Previously from SJKT, Prevena is a chip of the old block, as her talent was identified through several occasion and competitions since the primary level. President Of Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party, Datuk Seri R.S Thanenthiran has fully sponsored India Trip in Year 2014 for her achievement in Science Competition in London. Her talent was lauded from there and now amazing results pours in. MMSP is very proud in helping the Indian community to identify this young talent at the early age and bring it to the highest level.

A young Malaysian student made the nation proud by standing out top in a large delegation an exemplary to other Malaysians, more so the student force. Congratulations Prevena Ramakrishnan! You have done remarkably well at a young age and has made our country proud of your achievement!

Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party really proud of dear girl and we “MMSP” will keep helping you in future. All The Best And More Success Sagothari.
You Make Our Nation And Community More Prouder.

CONGRATULATIONS Prevena Ramakhrisnan